CAN SLIM Strategy – DXCM

DXCM daily chart courtesy of MarketSmith

Current Quarterly Earnings – Per share earnings are up to 17 cents in the most recent quarter compared to 1 cent in the same quarter a year ago. Well above the 25% threshold. Of note, DXCM reported a loss the two previous quarters. The latest earnings report is scheduled for later this month around 2/21 (*unconfirmed). 

Annual earnings growth – DXCM is estimated to make a profit of 28 cents this year versus a loss of 11 cents last year. 2019 would mark their first year of profitability.

New product – DXCM is a medical device company focusing on continuous glucose monitoring systems. The company’s system is used by people with diabetes to communicate directly to their mobile device or to a remote monitoring system. DXCM aims to launch disposable sensors that could expand its market opportunity from roughly 3 million people in the United States to over 30 million users. DXCM was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in San Diego, California.

Supply and demand – DXCM has an up/down volume ratio of 1.2 as shares remain just within buying range after breaking out of a stage 1, double bottom base ($138.59 pivot).

Leader or Laggard – DXCM is in the top rated Medical Equipment group which is currently ranked number 14 out of 197 industry groups. With a relative strength rating of 98, DXCM is significantly outperforming the S&P 500 over the last 12 months.

Institutional sponsorship – DXCM has an Accumulation/Distribution rating of B- and mutual fund participation has increased to 852 funds from 627 nearly a year ago. Additionally, fund participation has increased by 10%+ for each of the last 3 quarters.

Market direction – Market is in a confirmed uptrend with 2 distribution days on the S&P and 1 distribution day on the Nasdaq.

Notes: Prior stage 1 base failed without forming a handle. While volume was lower on the most recent 1/9 breakout, volume came in at +53% the following session. Volume has eased over the past 3 weeks as price has drifted lower, perhaps providing a shakeout of the remaining weak hands. Resistance just above $152. See weekly chart below.

DXCM weekly chart courtesy of MarketSmith

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